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How to create your own cryptocurrency exchange – guide

by Marek September 27, 2019 Business Ideas

Recently, mining cryptocurrencies has become increasingly difficult and even illegal in some countries. That is why experts are referring to other ways of making money on digital currency activities

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marketing funnel

Digital marketing funnel – how does it work?

by Marek September 18, 2019 Marketing Guide

If you want your sales process to run as efficiently as possible, you absolutely need to use a marketing funnel – the process of transforming a visitor or viewer

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best industries to invest in 2019 - overview

Best industries to invest in 2019 – Overview

by Wiktoria August 29, 2019 Investors Corner

In 2018 the best performing sectors were: health care, consumer discretionary and real estate and at least two of these sectors should rise in early 2019. Sam Stovall, chief

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celebrity tokenization personal tokens how does it work

Celebrity tokenization & personal tokens – how does it work?

by Marek August 21, 2019 Tokenization

Tokenization is increasingly bold in entering Poland, and with it – companies and investors interested in blockchain are testing this new technology, looking for fresh solutions. One of them

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sponsored articles vs truth review of blockchain content marketing

Sponsored articles vs Truth – review of blockchain content marketing

by Wiktoria August 07, 2019 Marketing Guide

Contemporary media attacks recipients with advertising content from all sides. This is especially noticeable on the web, where pop-up push notifications are already becoming the norm, and flashing banners

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10 tips how to write whitepper

10 tips on how to write a white paper for your blockchain project

by Marek July 26, 2019 Marketing Guide

Writing a good white paper is not easy, but it’s a great way to stand out and show your company as an expert in the field. Although creating a

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8 tips about blockchain marketing

8 tips about blockchain marketing

by Marek May 30, 2019 Marketing Guide

Blockchain is currently one of the most interesting business positions, and the number of startups interested in using this innovation is increasing every month. Most of its popularity is

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sto vs ico vs ipo comparison which one is better

STO vs ICO vs IPO: How to go about it and what challenges are you facing?

by Marek April 12, 2019 Investors Corner

Development or expansion of your business always requires huge financial outlays. If the project requires a lot of capital, the chances of financing it whole out of the pocket

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