Content Marketing

content marketing

Contemporary media attacks recipients with advertising content as pop-up push notifications or banners from every side. The barrage of this type of advertising made them lost their original purpose. Marketers had to start looking for other ways to reach their target audience with their message. This is how content marketing came about in creating which we are the specialists.

– Content marketing rocks!
– Attention, interest, desire, action!
– SEO – our secret weapon
– Password! Keywords will open the door to glory!
– Unconventional marketing actions


Content marketing as an answer for banner blindess

content marketing as an answer for banner blindess

Content marketing is a strategy in marketing communication based on advertising the brand by providing the recipient only valuable content. As we mentioned above, its effectiveness is mainly due to the fact that the old and common advertising formats have lost their impact, which is commonly called banner blindness. Creating the content marketing strategy, we focus only on the key forms of communication, using the most original ideas in the creation of communication.

Keyword is a key

keyword is a key seo

The position of a company website in search results according to current Google guidelines is determined by valuable content present on the site rich in keywords. Their importance can be compared to Instagram hashtags – without them there is no search, there is no visibility. The selection of appropriate key phrases is not only about the selection of the most (in our opinion) original, but also a thorough analysis of the competition and their ideas for keywords. This rather complicated and analytical system is pure pleasure for us. You can be sure that we will find a good key for it.

The forms of content marketing

forms of content marketing

There are many forms of content marketing. We can distinguish among others sponsored articles, expert texts, blog entries, PR notes and press releases, promotional and guide videos, infographics. The best effect is achieved by combining these forms into one coherent marketing message. How to do it? You don’t have to worry about that. That is our work.

AIDA = content

is aida equal content

Content Marketing is a strategy that aims to both increase sales and brand recognition. The main intention is to draw attention and to raise interest among recipients. In order to achieve the content targets it should be done in accordance with the AIDA model = attention, interest, desire, action. Creating this values is our speciality.

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