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We have elaborated the cryptocurrency wallet from the very beginning step by step. Although this product was a challenge for us, it quickly turned out that we were able to meet the requirements of users. It should be noted that this was the first application that we implemented. The process was quite long from ups to falls, but in the end we received a product worth recommending, functional and intuitive.

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1. Elaborating the documentation of functionalities, user story and graphic mock-ups of CCWallet app

mockup ccwallet portfolio
mockup ccwallet cryptocurrency

2. Creating the landing page for the CCWallet app, which functionalities are described on

advanced feature cryptocurrency wallet

 3. Finding the open-source solutions, which provides the back-end functioning (the logic part of the app) and adding new functionalities to the code

4. Creating the front-end (graphic design part)

5. The release of the application version for devices with the iOS operating system

6. The release of the application version for devices with the Android operating system

7. Adding the app on the AppStore and Google Play

appstore ccwallet
google play ccwallet

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