10 tips on how to write a white paper for your blockchain project

by Marek July 26, 2019
10 tips how to write whitepper

Writing a good white paper is not easy, but it’s a great way to stand out and show your company as an expert in the field. Although creating a white paper is more of an art than a science, there are general guidelines that you should follow when creating it. Especially as a new company, trying to reach its target audience and catch the readers’ attention (and new clients) by answering some burning questions, and proposing how you can fix any problems they might have. Did you find a way how to run good ads about cryptocurrency on social media platforms? Do you have an excellent and innovative way of checking if an ICO is real or fake? Sounds like a perfect topic for a white paper!

In an age of social media, promoting yourself well to a customer, reaching your audience, that’s what a white paper is all about. If you’re simply trying to promote a product or service, it might not be enough, you need to show your company as an expert in the field, write in a technical language that’s still understandable to your audience.

Here are 10 tips we have prepared for everyone interested in creating an effective white paper:

Prepare a topic that people will want to read.

This seems obvious, but finding the right topic can be your biggest challenge. First find out who your recipients are; who do you want to reach? Then select the problem that interests them – they may often face similar obstacles or there is a case study of more successful companies in your industry that didn’t touch on it in the past. The point of your white paper should be to propose an interesting problem, and next show how your company might be the best one to solve it. A good understanding of an interesting topic is what catches your client’s eye – if you have an interesting answer for something many were asking about, your white paper will be a hit.

Be descriptive and professional.

Writing a white paper is not the same as writing a blog post. You must use a business style of writing and be quite descriptive. You will probably finish writing at least ten pages before presenting your point of view even at a satisfactory level. Please remember that white papers are usually read by potential investors, who might be a bit older, and their time might be of huge value – not exactly easy to catch their attention for tens of pages of fluff – that’s what blog posts are for. Writing a white paper is all about going straight for the answer, showing graphs, providing evidence of your answers. While offering some tips isn’t that bad, it might be better to explain yourself in a clear way, while still remaining technical.

Prepare a great introduction.

Be compelling. You want to catch people from the very beginning thanks to your introduction. Open with something interesting, and then tell them what they are going to achieve by reading your white paper. This means writing a summary and an organized list of topics. Remember, the opening few pages are your best bet at catching attention. You need to showcase something interesting as fast as possible, even in your title and opening statement. While there are certain white papers where it gets better the longer you read, a good start is absolutely necessary. Even if your reader might prefer going straight to facts, starting the document with information that makes it hard to stop reading – that’s the way to go.

Importance of a white paper for an ICO – Akshay Gokalgandhi

Highlight the value of the product you create.

Your whitepaper is not a billboard for your company – it is an opportunity to create an image of specialised knowledge and insight into its activities that will help the reader understand its importance in the market. But first you have to give them something valuable and you can only do so by filling out the document with useful tips and information. Don’t be afraid to get technical – your white paper is for those interested in your idea, and as long as you explain it well enough, the audience doesn’t care how deep you want to go. Companies usually sell their products by saying how revolutionary it is, while rarely explaining just why that is – be the one to do so, don’t miss that while writing a white paper.

Organize your project.

First come up with a clear outline, then proceed to writing the document. Make sure the information flow in the white paper is consistent with your goals. Attract their attention by providing valuable information and encourage them to take further action. If the flow of the document is very smooth, the reader will be more likely to read all of it. It seems obvious, but a well put document shows you’re serious about your company and what you’re trying to achieve. A lot of white papers have this problem, where the idea might sound amazing, but due to how rough the white paper looks, how hard it is to understand, few investors give it the time it deserves to become successful.

Write first, edit later.

When creating a draft of a document, throw all your thoughts into it while everything is still fresh in your head. Just start writing. Don’t worry about editing until you finish the first draft. There’s no problem in coming back later and rewriting so everything flows better. While later the document might expand and change, putting your ideas out in any state will get the hardest part of creating such a document out of your way – just writing it all down. Countless projects never take off, not because no one was interested in them, but because no one knew about their existence. Start by not sweating over the small stuff – there will be plenty of time to worry about it later.

10 Tips on Designing a White Paper - Gordon Graham, Dummies

10 Tips on Designing a White Paper – Gordon Graham, Dummies


Return to your draft and see what needs to be done to improve its reading. Ask for feedback from other people because they can catch mistakes that you missed. Read it aloud to make sure it doesn’t contain any misconstructed sentences or awkward phrases. While putting your thoughts on paper is important, the document itself shouldn’t have any mistakes, typos or badly structured sentences. If you’re out of options, simply use any writing program on the market and it’ll mark any typos you make in red. Once done, ask some of your close friends to take a look at it and tell you if everything makes sense or what they think might need better explanation – remember, anyone can be a potential investor in your project, best to trust your friends and treat them as ones to gauge how well your document reads.

Attach photos and quotes.

Use graphics such as charts and tables to explain complex concepts. Make sure there is no visual “clutter” on charts, tables, screenshots, etc. that would distract readers from the intended message. Similar images should have a fixed size and format, and contain a caption with a photo number and title. Continuous quotes (fragments of copies displayed in larger fonts, with a dominant position in the document) attract attention and increase readers’ interest. No one likes a huge wall of text – it simply tires you out. Give your document some big margins on both sides, use charts and graphics for the viewer to better understand the topic without tiring themselves out. While understandably text is your main way of providing information, its data that might sell the idea – and good data is delivered with charts or tables.

Check how you can help.

If you sell a product or service that will help the reader, keep that in mind, but avoid being pushy. Do not use the white paper solely to sell your product or service, so remember to refer to your offer only naturally during the summary. Your potential investor might be interested in what you’re doing, but if all they can hear from you is how amazing everything you do it, and how you spend so much time talking about business opportunities, they easily might mistake you for a scam. Your white paper should simply provide an answer for a question many didn’t know they needed an aswer for.

Advertise your whitepaper.

After creating the document, you need to reach your target readers with it. Placing it on the site is of course a great idea, but you still need to pay attention to other options. Some companies send a press release announcing the publication of a new white paper. When you are present on social media, you should definitely write about it; LinkedIn groups are a particularly great place to talk and present their official documents and reports. Avoid, however, the promotional tone; approach this from the point of view of sharing useful information. If in doubt, check how other group members wrote about similar documents. Not only that, but if you had any business partners in the past, talk to them about your project too. If an idea is worth pursuing, its worth pursuing hard – with enough buzz around your project, it’ll be easy to find investors who see any talk around a project as a potential customer base.

10 Tips on Designing a White Paper - Gordon Graham, Dummies

Importance of Writing Whitepapers – Sachin Sadare

Official documents are great tools for generating credibility. Customers respond better to informative descriptions than to glaring ads. The trick is to make sure your white paper is organized and thought out, so you can create a natural and true interest in your services. If you get any negative feedback, try looking at your white paper in a more critical way – what might have made that person say such things? Is there something wrong with my idea? Is it something I can or should fix?

Now you know all the ins and outs of writing a good white paper – and if you’re still unsure or have a draft you think that might need some checking, just contact us here and we’ll gladly help!


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10 tips on how to write a white paper for your blockchain project

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