8 steps to make a successful campaign in the blockchain industry

8 steps to make a successful campaign in the blockchain industry

by Grzegorz May 30, 2019

Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology are revolutionizing the world. Today, it’s not all about only Bitcoin. There are thousands of cryptocurrency and blockchain projects out there. How to run a campaign that is going to successfully promote your cryptocurrency startup? Here are the steps.

Keep it simple

In the more simple way your project is presented, the better for its marketing. A person who is not familiar with the cryptocurrency environment should understand your idea. As someone clever said, things should be explained in a way that even your grandmother would understand them.

For example, if you are running ICO project and you are selling your own cryptocurrency or token, prepare simple graphic explainers that show what exact steps are needed to buy it. Maybe prepare a so-called onepager, a simple brochure that is going to clearly show the core features of your project.

Of course, you need also to prepare a detailed whitepaper, but usually, whitepapers are written in a very technical language that is not easy to understand for everyone. You need really to simplify things in order to succeed. Show the key elements on your project in writing, on graphics and in videos. Put an effort to educate your target audience.

Be a solution to a problem

Think about your concept, your business model and the purpose of your project. What innovations does it bring? What real problems does it solve? How it differs from other projects?

Your product has to have a target audience and help it in a particular way. It needs to satisfy the need of a real market. Even the greatest team with the greatest product is going to fail if it doesn’t fill the need of real people.

Show transparency

Make sure that people are convinced that your project is serious, that it possesses a license, and that the team is real. There are a lot of scam projects that aren’t likely to succeed because they are not transparent. Trust is the key element in marketing. Show your backgrounds, prove your experience. Don’t be afraid to talk about similar projects and your competitors. Don’t take any shortcuts, don’t buy fake followers. Be transparent. Show potential investors that you really have a project that it is worth investing in.

Hire specialists

In order to succeed, you really need a great team: marketing managers, content managers, graphic designers, PR specialists, customer service representatives, developers and so on. Certainly, it cost a lot of money, but you can start small and hire more and more people once your project starts to grow. The team has to be professional and it should help you to grow your target audience. Remember that the communication between marketers and developers is the key to success, you really need people that possess excellent soft skills. No matter what technologies or what tools you intend to create your project, communication is the most important.

Make distinctive marketing

Once you have prepared your project, goals, vision, mission, whitepaper, a decent website, and a great team, it is to immerse yourself totally in aiming at taking massive marketing action. Your idea and technical aspects can be the best world, but without proper marketing, you are going to lose at the competitive cryptocurrency market. Make sure you provide great content on basic social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, LinkedIn, Medium, Reddit and so on. You should be everywhere! Let the world hear about you!

Except for social media channels, be active on forums, reach out to influencers, cooperate with PR agencies, build relationships, build e-mail database on your own and ask for listing on well-known coin review sites, e.g. ICOBench or CoinMarketCap. You can also get yourself as a guest in podcast shows. You can also check out the list of places where you can promote your startup.

On social media channels, do not promote only your product, but engage with the audience, publish posts related generally to the cryptocurrency world, and organize contests. You can also put a focus on your team. Remember that your content first and foremost needs to deliver value for your target audience.

What’s more, once you collect some funds, you can visit live events all over the world, for example, such as Malta Blockchain Summit or Hong Kong Blockchain Week. Prepare nice brochures and roll-ups, maybe hire hostesses and show your project to the world! Show that you are real!

Build a community

You need to create a community around your project, and the easiest way to build it is via apps like Telegram. A great way to promote your project is also to run a bounty program. It is a program in which you reward users with tokens for taking action aimed at marketing your project, for example by writing blog posts, retweeting, sharing Facebook posts, or creating YouTube videos. It can literally grow your community in a super rapid way.

Be open to the community. Answer questions, make sure that your support works efficiently, and organize Q&A’s. Encourage your fans to spread information about you in the world. The investors have to understand that they are promoting this project with you. Run affiliate programs. Be open to feedback. Use social media analytics, questionnaires, and surveys. Your project should be trustworthy, transparent, and open to community suggestions.

Ensure that the community knows what your team is doing on a daily basis. Publish Facebook posts. Prepare a newsletter. Prepare a blog. Make the people sure that you are constantly developing.

Stick to your roadmap

Present your goals and vision in a clear way, but make sure to meet the deadlines in order to increase the level of trust. There are many projects that “promise golden mountains”, and then they don’t meet the expectations of the community. Don’t be one of them. Sure, it’s normal that delays happen, but avoid empty promises.

Measure the results

In order to understand what’s the level of your project marketing level, regularly measure the results related to your marketing, content and community activities.

Set goals and look at the key indicators, such as total audience size, growth, traffic on your site, the number of social media engagements, and the number of token holders. Compare your numbers with the number of competitors. Regularly monitor and report on this topic to help you understand how you work and find out what you can do better.

Running a successful cryptocurrency campaign startup is definitely a challenging task. Remember about proving transparency and trustworthiness to your customers. Hire specialists and build a community around your project. Keep it simple, stick to your roadmap and measure the results. Then, your project is very likely to succeed. Good luck!

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8 steps to make a successful campaign in the blockchain industry

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