8 tips about blockchain marketing

by Marek May 30, 2019
8 tips about blockchain marketing

Blockchain is currently one of the most interesting business positions, and the number of startups interested in using this innovation is increasing every month. Most of its popularity is due to the most well-established cryptocurrency on the market – Bitcoin – but it is innovation and the solutions behind it should remain on the front line.

Startups and blockchain

Although it is difficult to find your place on the web, when each startup describes itself as innovative, blockchain is another big hit. An organization based on a blockchain needs both an unusual presentation and an amazing product. Due to the rapid development of cryptographic culture, proper promotion of blockchain-based startups may seem impossible. Startups need to create a dynamic presence on various network platforms, reliably attract followers and show potential clients that their venture has value.

how to write whitepaper source: The Importance and Use of White Paper – Amy Xiong, mediaspace solutions

That is why we have prepared a number of tips on how to attract financial specialists and properly raise capital for the venture.

In this article, we present some marketing tips that guide us at Try Codnet when preparing strategies for companies:


When it comes to necessary things, a whitepaper is one of the foundations for startups that want to base their business on the blockchain. It covers everything from specialized data, through business technique and budget forecasts. But you need to tailor your document to the target audience.

If you expect talented blockchain experts to invest in your business, you should give them more specialized explanations. On the other hand, presenting how the network works and clear explanations will improve the situation in the event that you reach newcomers or young financial specialists with no experience.

Early focus on key partners

Because crypto is a moderately new field, it is obvious that to show an expert’s sense of understanding, you must impress your initial accomplices. This will not only help the group of observers feel the team spirit but also build authenticity, which is a colossal advantage for such a partner base.

No matter who you are in the discussion with, it is always great to try and secure your early partners, because they will be the ones who will prompt you or help you achieve your goal. Try and see what partners you can represent in this way because it could be the extra step you haven’t taken yet.

Marketing budget

In the event that you open a company associated with cryptocurrencies, one of the basic things you need to do is to develop a budget with which you will work. This will not only help you focus on your current finances but will also calm you down when it comes to determining potential returns from your advertising activities.

building blockchain marketing budget source: Blockchain Marketing Best Practices for 2019: Budgeting – mediashower

Familiarize yourself with the marketing options and channels you are trying to develop, as well as what investments are associated with it. The normal annual promotion spending plan for a startup is about 10% of income, which with detailed planning can be very difficult, but it should give you an understanding of what you can afford.

What’s more, for startups dealing with blockchain, one of the unique advantages of online marketing is that it is generally less expensive and requires little upfront investment. What’s more, the company’s goal is to strive for what will give you the best ROI in the long run.

Build the authority of the expert

The Blockchain global market is expected to rise to over USD 1 billion over the next 5 years. With so much cash in the game, it’s not surprising that many cryptocurrency professionals create blockchain-related content online. If you want to start your own startup, we strongly recommend joining the game and finding an expert in this field.

Start by composing blog entries, providing customers with internal and external industry benchmarking. From now on you should create guest posts, participate in meetings as well as online campaigns and so on. Once you become a real blockchain expert, you’ll be able to attract the attention of potential investors.

Use social media

One of the best platforms for advertising blockchain organizations must be online websites. As confirmed by Hootsuite, more than 30% of university graduates are currently on Twitter, the platform itself is one of the most well-established and associated with the blockchain industry. Both as a great B2B and B2C instrument, Twitter is certainly something that will give you stability in terms of social activities. What’s more, examining how to direct Instagram followers can enable you to earn B2C reputation, which will probably attract an even wider gathering of people. In any case, to be amazing on social media, the main ingredients are commitment and consistency in pursuing the goal.

source: The Relationship Between Social Media, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain – Top Dog Social Media

Online social networking sites have long been the most effective advertising platform for the advanced era. The number of customers they accumulate is huge, so you need to discover how to gather people on at least one of these channels. Here are the most influential platforms:

  • LinkedIn, 260 million
  • Twitter, 330 million
  • Instagram, 800 million
  • YouTube, 1.5 billion
  • Facebook, 2.1 billion

Each of these social networks contains groups dedicated to blockchain innovations, so you need to enter and chat to get a better start. In the event that you realize that the cost of a simple blockchain venture is up to $ 300,000, you will barely accumulate so much cash without proper marketing.

Mailing lists stand out from the best digital marketing tactics available. Email marketing efforts directly connect you with people interested in your project, thanks to which it is less required to remind viewers what your project is about. This creates an open communication channel between you and your key group of observers, which helps build loyalty and trust.

Start by visiting social media more and more often, checking it occasionally throughout the day. What’s more, prepare more entries early in the day, throwing various messages to test what works best with the crowd. Another good practice to start with is to comment on follower posts, and to participate in the discussion. All things considered, social media is something that you have to take seriously because it is a great opportunity for additional contact with a group of clients.

Don’t hide your team

The energy of starting a project on a blockchain depends mainly on information, but also on the group’s skills. If you manage to gather a group of exceptionally talented experts, never hide them. You must show the world that the campaign is run by specialists. Add short descriptions of those working for you, links to their network profiles, i.e. LinkedIn, enabling interested parties to get some information about the project. If you meet this demand, you won’t have to stress over achieving the project’s goals.

Reward loyal users with reward campaigns

Another amazing marketing device that many blockchain startups currently use is reward campaigns. Amazing when it comes to increasing support, as well as building more followers, reward campaigns encourage interest in the company’s progress by offsetting the tokens spent in their heads.

Prize competitions are ideal for transforming customers into agents defending blockchain, encouraging them to attract new people, increasing media interest, and enabling you to connect with new demographics.

Paid advertising

Despite the fact that there are no problems with running a blockchain-based project in a natural way, it rarely works as it should and is successful. You need to publicize the project, remembering the final goal, which is to extend the fundraising period, and potentially to get in touch with financial specialists. What you should be looking for are large portals such as CoinDesk or CoinTelegraph. Many people visit these sites, studying the progress of blockchain around the world, which gives you the perfect opportunity to increase awareness of your campaign.

blockchain solutions connect advertisers and publishers source: Top 5 Blockchain-Based Native Advertising Platforms – Native Advertising Institute, Myron Monets

If you present your company the right way, highlighting your strengths in a way that will show blockchain as something more understandable, and why this is the business of the future, you’ll get the attention you deserve and the investors you need.


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8 tips about blockchain marketing

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