Sponsored articles vs Truth – review of blockchain content marketing

by Wiktoria August 07, 2019
sponsored articles vs truth review of blockchain content marketing

Contemporary media attacks recipients with advertising content from all sides. This is especially noticeable on the web, where pop-up push notifications are already becoming the norm, and flashing banners that outdo each other in colors and content simply cannot be forgotten being visible on almost every websites and platforms. The barrage of this type of advertising made them lost their original purpose. Advertisers had to start looking for other ways to reach their target audience with their message. This is how content marketing came about, including sponsored articles.

Content marketing

Content marketing is a strategy in marketing communication based on advertising the brand by providing the recipient only valuable content. Nowadays, it is increasingly used. One might even be tempted to say that leads among the current marketing strategies. As we mentioned above, its effectiveness is mainly due to the fact that the old and common advertising formats have lost their impact, which is commonly called banner blindness. Instead of worthless advertisements, Internet users expect reliable and verified information that carries a valuable message. The chart created on the basis of research carried out by Smart Insights clearly shows the power of content marketing.

source: https://www.smartinsights.com/content-management/content-marketing-strategy/content-marketing-europe-2016/

The client and his needs in the spotlight

Content Marketing is a strategy that aims to both increase sales and create the desired appearance (e.g. a specialist in a certain branch) or increase brand recognition. However, it does not advertise only the products of the company or the project, but its implementation plan to achieve a specific value target. It should be noticed that the main intention is to draw attention and to raise interest among recipients. In order to maximize readers’ interest in the sponsored article, texts should be created in accordance with the AIDA model.

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

Content marketing is also based on four keystones: plan, production, publication and promotion of content. There are many forms of content marketing. We can distinguish among others
– sponsored articles,
– expert texts,
– blog entries,
– PR notes and press releases,
– promotional and guide videos,
– infographics

One of the most efficient and effective formats in content marketing is the sponsored article. It works perfectly both in the promotion of new products from the offer and in creating the desired appearance of the company. The main goal is for the brand to be able to show itself as a specialist in their branch and present the values which are crucial for the company’s business. It is extremely important to reach our target group of recipients. The content must be valuable to the reader who is interested in the company’s branch and activity, because only then you can get a valuable customer. There are 3 types of sponsored material:

  • Advertising sponsored article – informing directly about the brand, product or service. It can take the form of native advertising.
  • Article referring to the advertiser – the text most often raises any issue related to the promoted industry. This is an informational message, e.g. an entry about tooth decay with a reference to the toothpaste manufacturer.
  • Thematic article with the link – this is the most camouflaged version of the sponsored article. Text that describes a topic professionally, but without direct reference to the advertiser. The content includes links to the landing page, e.g. as an extension, supplementing the topic, which is why they are best for getting links.

SEO is a power. Company’s promotion in a web search engine

The position of a company website in search results according to current Google guidelines is determined by valuable content present on the site rich in keywords and links leading to it, placed elsewhere on the network (link). Remember that value is the most important thing, not quantity. Links should come from high-quality texts. Google can check this. Sponsored articles are one of the most effective ways to get valuable links. While Google prohibits the direct purchase of links, it does not prohibit them to be sourced through the use of thematic and expert articles. That is the role sponsored articles can play. These types of texts can provide positioned websites high positions in natural/organic search results. It is also a guarantee of the stability of leading positions in the long term. SEO is such a broad topic, and above all wide and interesting, that even writing a separate article would not be enough. Therefore, we only gently touch this topic to bring closer and understand how important role SEO plays in current marketing and encourage us to delve deeply into the topic if we want to promote our brand in an effective and long-term way. SEO is now an indisputable power, and as a proof of this we add a table of SEO factors below:

source: https://searchengineland.com/seotable

So why not Google Ads?

As we have already clearly pointed out above, Google’s algorithms reward pages with valuable content. Directly saying, websites sated with specialized content are more likely to increase visibility in the search engine. Sponsored articles can be a good alternative to Google AdWords. The fact is, with AdWords, the effect is immediate and the page will appear high in search results for many paid key phrases. The key to acquiring new customers from AdWords is to develop an effective advertising campaign. The advantage of paid sponsored text is the long-term marketing effect of the promoted website. So to sum up: Google Ads can give us a quick effect, but lasting until the end of the campaign, the sponsored article is long-term.

Sponsored articles – let’s take a closer look

Below we can see an example of sponsored articles on the Entrepreneur platform. In this case, there is a special section for business sponsored articles. In most cases, however, the recipient is unable to see which sponsored article is and which is simply native advertising.

Another great example is the advertisement of the famous Capitan Morgan rum. Let’s look at what native advertising looks like in this case in the form of a sponsored article.

This is Capitan Morgan’s campaign implemented on BuzzFeed. The article begins with a great headline referring to Capitan Morgan’s YouTube profile:
“Captains of armies, captains of ships – you know these guys. But you probably didn’t know this stuff. Check out the Captain Morgan YouTube page to keep up with the adventures of Captain Morgan, who was an actual guy”

The article begins with the presentation of the most popular world rulers, pirates, captains, leaders. Each description boils down to the easy conclusion that most of them were either an invention, a creation of imagination, or most of them are already (of course) dead, and Capitan Morgan was a real figure and in his honor was created rum, and the memory of him survived till today.

Let’s glance on the example of the IBM article in The Atlantic:

As you can see, the content has been marked as Sponsor Content. In addition to the header and navigation bar, the IBM brand is fully embedded in the content of the article. What’s more, the article was written by David Laverty, Vice President of Marketing, Big Data and Analytics at IBM. Is this an ad? No, because it does not contain a call to action – therefore it is only sponsored content.
source: https://www.copyblogger.com/examples-of-native-ads/

Sponsored article in the blockchain industry vs truth

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that a sponsored article increases brand recognition. What if the brand is unknown at all, as well as the branch that your company deals with? This is what it looks like in the case of blockchain technology, which is not one of the most recognizable solutions, especially in Europe or Poland. Here the SEO mentioned by us comes to the surface, along with the sponsored articles. Let’s look at the example below. This is an article in the Entrepreneur we already mentioned entitled: “Want to Better Connect With Your Customers? Consider Blockchain.”

The whole article talks about blockchain technology as a top solution to increase interest in your project among customers/users and as a tool that facilitates work and increases business efficiency, currently chosen by top players on the market. For most of the text, we familiarize ourselves with the topic of blockchain, so that at the end we notice the slightly woven native advertising of one of the exchanges:

Sponsored articles have unquestionable value. They are an effective form of advertising that, if created in a valuable way, can bring measurable benefits. Remember, however about the keyword. This is a form of advertising that, once again, reminds us to raise our interest, catch attention and escalate the desire to act. Remember that these texts are created by experienced marketers and copywriters, and their goal is a lead. This, of course, does not mean that the articles carry untruthful content. We are far from such a statement. We just emphasize that when we come across a super-interesting text that brings clear signals of native advertising, let’s enjoy it and treat it as a good marketing lesson, not a scientific doctrine that is subject to analysis. Let’s appreciate the contribution made by copywriters, SEO specialists and the initiative shown by the creators of this form of advertising to attract an intelligent and valuable recipient as you are.


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Sponsored articles vs Truth – review of blockchain content marketing

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