Online & Offline Marketing

what is online marketing

As experienced marketers, we know that without effective and efficient marketing there is no sale. We are also convinced that our knowledge in various forms of advertising, both online and offline, can bring surprising results to your business. Combining our marketing abilities, the strength of persuasion, perfectionism in market analysis and SWOT, we are masters in generating leads.

– 360 Degree Marketing – we put an eye on your offline & online strategy
– The most effective leads generating
– Blockchain & Fintech Social Media moderating & services
– Maybe BTL? Show up on the event!
– ATL strategy, let them hear you in media, let them see you on billboard!


Online marketing – enter the game

what is online marketing

Effective online marketing is currently one of the strongest forms in generating leads. We develop a full marketing strategy for our clients in terms of conducting social media channels based on competition analysis as well as creating effective digital campaigns using the latest trends. We also do our best to create successful content marketing, which is power.

Blockchain SEO – our secret weapon

blockchain seo google ads

In our team we can boast of great SEO specialists. Everyone now knows that properly conducted SEO isa must in building a marketing strategy. It is now such a strong form of advertising that it is able to outperform the rest of online marketing activities regarding effectiveness. We assure you that our campaigns in Google Ads, YouTube and precision in the selection of keywords will ensure your business unquestionable success, and the site will rank first in search results.

Offline marketing – being ‘off’ means being ‘in’

what is offline marketing

In the current era of pervasive online marketing, offline activities begin to go to the margins. This alleged mistake can be a marketer’s success if it is well used. Offline marketing activities include all forms of ATL advertising,
i.e. media, outdoor, indoor or POS. Creating a brand communication that will appeal to the recipient in the world around him can be more effective than many online activities and we guarantee it.

BTL – unconventional marketing activities

btl marketing activities

Below The Line is the opposite of ATL’s strategy, offering unconventional marketing activities created directly to meet the client’s needs and brand characteristics. Typical BTL activities include the organization of promotional events and in this we can also boast of vast experience. Not only we will select the appropriate list of events at which your project may occur, but we will also lead its participation in terms of PR and organization.

We’ll bring your projects to life!

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