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Comprehensive activities for CoinCasso – Phase 2


28th September, 2019




Numerous implementations in the IT infrastructure have increased the speed, functionality and scalability of products, while marketing activities have ensured more than a 2-fold increase of the community.

About Client

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CoinCasso is a democratic cryptocurrency exchange with Estonian licence. As the first in the industry, they have applied a unique system of sharing 80% of its profits with active members – CCX token holders.
Their vision is to create a multifunctional and holistic project converging efficiently financial solutions and trade platform, connected to the network of ATMs for users. At this moment, CoinCasso consists of five core members and the rest of the team.

The main challenge

After the previous phase, the main challenges were:

  • Increasing the functionality and speed of action the beta exchange platform
  • Creation of the entire IT infrastructure around the CoinCasso ecosystem
  • Building a larger and more engaged community

The project ecosystem consists of a few products at the moment: cryptocurrency exchange – CoinCasso Exchange, cryptocurrency wallet – CCWallet, ICO/IEO process automation platform – CCLaunchPad, a solution that facilitates secure data storage in the KYC process – CCVerify, mobile application of crypto exchange – Trading App CoinCasso Exchange and cryptocurrency payment gateway – CoinBridge.


This stage was particularly intensive in terms of work on IT solutions.
Of course, most of the activities were carried out on the exchange platform. To ensure proper functionality, scalability and, above all, security, front-end (React.js/Next.js) and back-end/API (Node.js and Strapi/Express) have changed significantly.
We achieved a fairly fast flow of transactions thanks to the implementation of Exchange Server (C language), which was connected to a database stored in RAM (Redis). The whole was connected with web-sockets, which improved communication between the front- and back-end.

As you know, mobile traffic already accounts for over 60% of the total network activity. Therefore, we could not forget about the mobile application of the exchange platform – Trading App CoinCasso Exchange. The back-end of the application is based on the same logic as the exchange platform, to building the front-end we chose the React Native framework, and the whole is connected via web-sockets.

In the meantime, work was underway on the CCLaunchPad platform. The use of the so-called MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React.js and Node.js) allowed for quick generation of the ICO web application. We have also implemented an author’s payment processor, so product operation does not require third party services.

The same processor will be the basis for the CoinBridge cryptocurrency payment gateway. The logic is based on the so-called Worker (Node.js) – it is a Blockchain scanner with many other functions. We chose MongoDB for database management. However, this product requires further development to ensure comprehensive operation.

We treat safety as a priority, which is why we have connected the exchange platform with a special KYC module – CCVerify. The combination of solutions based on Node.js, MongoDB and AWS provided us with easy and fast Microservice communication with external applications.

We decided to separate CCWallet as a separate brand, although in the future it will complement the entire ecosystem.

Of course, simultaneously we continued out further marketing activities.
In the scope of PR activities, the publication cycle of articles in such brands as Reuters, Entrepreneur or The Cryptonomist deserves attention. In addition, in May, both ourselves and the CoinCasso team participated in the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit event. For this event, we have prepared various brochures, one-pagers and generally the entire exhibition of stands.

From Digital Marketing activities, we can distinguish Lead Generation campaigns (newsletter, push notification system implementation), Content Marketing (articles from the Blockchain Academy series and numerous infographics), but also engage posts on Social Media (3D graphics, competitions). A special case was the so-called Airdrop, which reached over 177,000 recipients on Facebook and Twitter. In the first case, we can talk about 11,000 reactions, including 1,000 comments and almost 4,000 actions, while on Twitter we received 2,600 comments and 2,800 retweets.


Through using the database in memory RAM and low-level C language to create the Exchange Server, the exchange speed is estimated at even 10,000 transactions/s. The scope of IT work reflects the fact that white-label products have been created that in the long run can work together in dispersed architecture or as separate modules.
The whole is complemented by the fact that at the time of publication of this Case Study, the main product, CoinCasso Exchange, undergoes advanced beta testing before the official opening of the platform.

If we talk about activities around marketing, thanks to the strategy of creating engaging content and participation in the event in Malta, as much as 95% of the world’s countries have learned about the CoinCasso project. More importantly, this translated into an increase in the community around the project from 14,500 to over 33,000 people!

95% of the world's countries have learned about the CoinCasso project

The community around this project increase from 14,500 to over 33,000 people all over the world!

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