Smart Contracts & Blockchain Laws

smart contract and blockchain law

We provide full legal support regulations for token marketing and ICO / STO & IEO. We help develop contracts, token classification documentation, and regulations. We also offer legal assessment as part of creating ICO / STO & IEO, as well as support in implementing AML or KYC. The scope of our services includes not only Poland, but also other European countries, including Estonia, Switzerland or Malta.

– Legal law support in Blockchain Technology
– Transparent Smart Contracts implemented in Solidity language
Simplicity, speediness and real-time updating AML Tools & Solutions
– The implementation of KYC/AML procedures
Transparency, reliability, security and validity of intelligent contract performance


Blockchain can be tricky

blockchain can be tricky

At the stage of creating a project based on blockchain technology, you may come across complexities especially in the legislative process. It is true, however, that it all depends on knowing the law, which actually may seem problematic at the beginning of the road. Thanks to our legal support, you will not only understand all mechanisms of the legal machine, but also they will seem surprisingly simple to you.

Smart Contracts. What is that?

smart contracts blockchain

Smart contracts protect us from a pile of illegible documents that we usually have to face in order to conclude a contract. Smart Contract is the digital equivalent of the traditional ones. We create them on the Ethereum platform as part of blockchain technology.
Among other technologies, we use Solidity language to implement Smart Contracts on Ethereum Platform.

Simplicity, speediness & actualisation

simplity speediness actualisation

There are several factors that make smart contracts better and more efficient than the traditional version of the contract. These aspects are simplicity, speediness and real-time updating. In addition, they are able to eliminate the excess of centralized entities and other intermediaries. What is more blockchain technology ensures transparency, reliability, security and validity of intelligent contract performance.

KYC/AML proceeds

kyc aml procees

“Know your Customer” and “Anti-money Laundering”as an identity verification procedure. This means preventing criminal activities, such as terrorist financing. Cryptocurrency exchanges and companies issuing tokens are therefore obliged to check their clients. We provide full legal support in implementing the above procedures.

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