Team behind Try Codnet

Discover the people, whose passion for technology and considerable experience in their profession translates into concrete action.

And also get to know us from the other side!

Nikita Gimon
Support Manager

Nikita is our specialist in interpersonal contacts and a former professional swimmer. At the moment, he swims in cryptocurrencies and spends his entire profit on food. Except for crypto, he enjoys programming and start-ups.

Wiktoria Marcinkiewicz
Marketing Manager

Wiktoria is our marketing manager who has million ideas per minute. Creativity is her second name. Marketing and promotion are her true passions. If you want to share your ideas go right ahead Wiki will be delighted 🙂

Klaudia Wojtaszek
Graphic Designer

Meet Klaudia, another woman in our team! He has an open mind and focuses on the smallest details. Klaudia is a mine of ideas and a creative genius. Her specialty is creating the impossible. She is a talented and charming graphic designer.

Bogdan Sinicki
Project Manager

Bogdan is our web developer and UX/UI designer. In the meanwhile, he works as our company’s DJ and he likes to play on PS4. Bogdan looks like a model and he perfectly prepares pasta. Together with Konrad form a couple locked in a besieged fortress.

Maksymilian Plociennik
Inbound Marketing Manager

Maks is a person, who follows his own path. He has a lot of ideas for his life, but he loves marketing. If he could, he would extend the day to 48 hours. He is absorber of coffee, football and all kinds of music. Raver. He hates using a touchpad. Mouse rocks!

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