Tokenization & Launching ICO/STO/IEO

tokenization lauching ico sto ieo

Tokenization is a new form of business digitization based on decentralized blockchain technology. It consists in creating tokens and strictly assigning them to a given company, specific project or person. With the development and adaptation of blockchain technology, the tokenization potential is huge and allows you to tokenize all types of assets while reducing the cost of their transfer.

– Tokenization of Companies & Copartnerships
– Blockchain Solutions
– Personal tokens
– Exchange debut has never been so effective
– Efficient ICO, STO & IEO process based on proven white paper


Whitepaper is a basis of the project

how to write whitepaper

We help you to execute your ICO, STO & IEO process based on proven or fully developed whitepaper.  Whitepaper is an integral and the most important basis of the project. Based on it, a further brand communication strategy is developed, which is why it is so important that its content carries a specific and clear message for the recipient.

Tokenization as a latest type of marketing

tokenization marketing

We will help you to promote your cryptocurrency or token. Token marketing provides amazing opportunities to use tokens as part of an advertising campaign. We can see a rapid increase in the number of companies and public as well as private individuals with their own business or personal tokens.

ICO vs STO Services – it’s your choice

what is ico sto difference

ICO is a type of crowdfunding startups by raising capital using newly created cryptocurrencies and tokens. It involves selling them for another type of payment, primarily Ethereum and Bitcoin. STO offers tokens that have the features of securities and are subject to the Act on Trading in Securities and fulfill all the requirements associated with them.

Maybe Initial Exchange Offering?

what is initial coin offering

Form of the first public offering for cryptocurrencies, which is organized via the crypto exchange. The advantage is that the cryptocurrency that has passed the IEO process is immediately added to the given crypto exchange.

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